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Application fields

designing, manufacturing and selling measuring relays, known as sensitive

« On-board » Railway application

Catenary voltage detection relay
Maximum/minimum current detection
Voltage detection relay
Overload current detection relay
Ground fault detection differential relay
Insulation fault detection relay
Current traction brake detection relay
Battery voltage monitoring relay
Current relay monitoring
Differential bars relays from 500 to 5000 amp. in direct current
Simple and chrono-amperometric accelerating relays
Slipping detector and tacho-relay
Various time-relays
Dynamic braking control relay
Selective relays for dual frequency locomotives

Trackside railway application

Pilot line monitoring relay
Ground fault detection relay
Maximum current detection relay
Catenary voltage detection relay
Voltage detection relay

Electrical welding

Electronic timer relays.
Relays which do not operate for an alternative current 10 times higher than the DC operation current.
Milli-ammeter relays with specified caliber.
Current relays for the arc welding and the arc voltage control.

Mines and metallurgy

Control relays, earth relays, alarm relays, leak relays, anti-pumping relays, etc…, for worksites boxes.
Overvoltage relays for electrolytic cells.
Tacho-relays for winches.
Insulation faults detectors locating instrument.


Various miniature relays.
Holding overcurrent relays.
High insulation relays for electronic circuit.
High-speed protection relays for transmitting valves.
Control relays for anode current and grid-current.
Relays graduating the lights assembly energizing.

Aviation and aeronautical installations

Specific relays for the Air Force.
Relays for the air control radars.
Relays for generators.
Relays for specific vehicles.
Remote-control relays for scale-down models.


Relays for lighthouses and beacons which control the blown lights replacement.
Earth-return relays for on-board generators.
Overcurrent relays for winch motor.

Urban planning

Pumping warning relays at maximum and minimum levels.
Remote control relays by P and T line organ.
Flashing relays which signal the works.

Electrical devices

Polarized earth-return relays.
Relays for differential protection.
Insulation control relays in DC and AC currents.
Relays with phase faults.
Relays with high charge difference.

Chemistry and sugar mills

Relays for control of rotation levels and mixers obstruction.
Relays which detect when the synchronism approaches.
Relays for automatic weighing.

Measuring devices

Relays amplifying the relay breaking capacity.

Stockage relais de mesure
Stockage relais de mesure
Opérateur de test sur un relais de mesure

Recent news and references

Rolling stock, substations and multiple electrical installations are equipped with ou relays in more than 60 countries around the world.