• Global Certificate: ISO 9001 : 2015

Assets and abilities

les besoins spécifiques de chacun

Attentive to customer

Always attentive to our customers, and in order to understand and analyse the specific needs of each, we put in place all necessary means to give them the appropriate answers.

Techno-Elec has the indispensable knowledge and know-how to design and manufacture new products.


Built on a human-scale, Techno-Elec is a company where you can have direct contact with the appropriate interlocutor. Thus, we will handle your requests as soon as possible.

Ingénieur Techno-Elec

Techno-elec engineer

Poste CAO

CAD department

New technologies

In order to develop new products, always more efficient, Techno-Elec has to be aware of the new technologies. This is why means carried out are very important and constantly increasing to manufacture quality products, more and more reliable:

CAPM software (Computer-aided Production Management) which enables to merge Purchasing, Manufacturing, Sales and After-Sales-Service Management of our products.
CAD (Computer-aided Design) makes the new products development easier, by meeting our customers’ expectations.
Recent and quality test bed to test all relays.

All of these investments represent a relevant financial effort which is indispensable for Techno-Elec future development. Our company is also investing in Research and Development for an optimal evolution of our activities over time.