• Global Certificate: ISO 9001 : 2015

General Characteristics

In the railway fields

Operation principle

Techno-Elec relays operation is based on the principle of electromechanical magnetic circuit. A
flow is created in the magnetic circuit thanks to a current which goes through it, a permanent
magnet creates an opposite flow which maintains the contacts in the rest position. As soon as the
flow of the magnetic circuit overtakes the one of the permanent magnet, the relay triggers and

The balancing of this armature and the use of a permanent magnet as a restoring means ensures
rapid switching without any intermediate position. Mechanical principle of our contacts enable
accurate settings.
In order to design a voltage, current, differential or made-to-measure relay, Techno-Elec uses
its magnetic circuits and standard boxes to compose relay blocks that can be adapted to most of
the environments and electrical constraints, and this without additional external power supply.


Operation fields: from 1 mA to 15 000 A / from 10 mV to 4 000 V (AC/DC)
Dielectric strength: up to 20 000 V 50 Hz- 1 min (primary circuit/secondary circuit)
Auxiliary contacts usually 1 N/O 1 N/C, AgPd
High overloads on measuring circuit
Fire resistance according to standards NF F16-101-102 & EN 45545
Fully operationnal whatever is the direction


All our relays meet the Railway standards:

IEC 60077 Electrical equipment on on-board equipment
EN 50124-1 Railway Application Insulation coordination
IEC 60068-2 Environnemental tests
EN 45545 Fire protection on railway vehicles
IEC 61373 On-board equipments – shocks and vibration tests
NF F16-101-102 Fire resistance
Schéma d'un relais de mesure
Cross sectional view

1- Contact normally closed
2- Moving armature
3- Contact normally opened
4- Magnetic circuit
5- Permanent magnet