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Current relays

current detection, threshold control, overload detection, etc.

Applications and operation

These relays are used in applications such as current detection, threshold control, overload detection, etc.

In this kind of relays, the winding is composed either of a straight bar going inside the magnetic circuit, or of an Omega-shaped angled bar which goes round the relay core. These relays cover a current range from 15A to 15000A.

The relay operation points can be made adjustable, either by the use of micrometric adjustment contacts, or by adding a second winding additional or subtractive controlled by a rheostat.

In order to cover a current range which varies from the ones corresponding to the big wires and the ones justifying the use of omega bars, windings created from flats were made. These relays cover a current range from 3 to 200A.

Relais Référence FT 52132

Some applications

Current detection relay
Mini and maxi threshold control relay
Overload detection relay
Auxiliaries overload detection relay
Monitoring relay for braking system
Overload relay excitation motor
Overload relay train heating
Main transformer primary overload relay
Overload relay of traction rectifiers
Mass relay
Lighting current relay
Reverse current relay
Schéma d'un relais de mesure
Cross sectional view

1- Contact normally closed
2- Moving armature
3- Contact normally opened
4- Magnetic circuit
5- Permanent magnet

Charts for relays

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Chart for DC current relays
Chart for AC current relays
Chart for DC voltage relays
Chart for AC voltage relays
Chart for differential current relays