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Voltage relays

voltage detection, catenary voltage detection, threshold control, etc.

Applications and operation

These relays are used in applications such as voltage detection, catenary voltage detection, threshold control, voltage monitoring of battery chargers, etc.

In these kind of relays, the winding varies between 100 and 40000 ohms, which are fully pressurized and vacuum impregnated. These relays cover a current range from 10mV to 10 000 Volts.

These relays, associated or not to basic or specific accessories (non-linear resistors, rectifiers, transistors, zener diodes…), have led to a considerable number of very different realizations.

Moreover, the relay operation points can be made adjustable, either by the use of micrometric adjustment contacts, or by the addition of a second winding, additional or subtractive, controlled by a rheostat.

Some applications

Voltage detection
Threshold control
Voltage monitoring of battery chargers
Undervoltage relay
Overvoltage relay
Supply detection relay 400 Vdc to 25000 Vac
Relays with one or several detection thresholds
Monitoring relays for line voltage
Voltage relay battery charger
Bistable relay, 2 starting-up moves, and with reset
Bistable relay, 3 starting-up moves and with reset
Supply relay of pantograph selectors
Voltage limiter control relay of auxiliary converter
Mini and maxi catenary detection relay
Slipping control relay
Schéma d'un relais de mesure
Cross sectional view

1- Contact normally closed
2- Moving armature
3- Contact normally opened
4- Magnetic circuit
5- Permanent magnet

Charts for relays

Consult the complete list of our relays with their characteristics and the corresponding box.

Chart for DC current relays
Chart for AC current relays
Chart for DC voltage relays
Chart for AC voltage relays
Chart for differential current relays